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smiling badger

The Culture Show.. Keeping The Faith.

Tonight a special all about Northern Soul.
Get ya dancing shoes out and get down!

Beat me to it. Nice one Badge. I hope they do a good job on it.

I don't get Northern Soul. Is it literally soul that northerners like? To me it sounds like soul, only not quite as good.

There are also more sweaty white people involved.

Mainly a Lancashire thang

I suspect it sounded better when you were out of your head on amphetamines or Holland's pies.

Went to a Northern Soul night at the High Wood once and only four people turned up. Mind you, that was quite a good crowd for the High Wood.

I never really got it. Preferred the Stax/Volt stuff.
Plastic Man

It was an interesting programme. Maybe I misheard, but I thought an interviewee said something along the lines that the type of records that were often popular in the Northern Soul scene were actually those that had been prouced but rejected by the major labels?

Plastic Man wrote:
It was an interesting programme. Maybe I misheard, but I thought an interviewee said something along the lines that the type of records that were often popular in the Northern Soul scene were actually those that had been prouced but rejected by the major labels?

Yeah, I'd listened to something about NS on the radio a while ago. The pioneering DJs used to travel over to America and trawl record stores for lesser known stuff and regional indie label releses. Dave Godin used to source this stuff for his shop in London for the folk from the North that disliked the mainstream Tamla offerings.
smiling badger

Thought this was a great programe. Good to see that there are some youngsters still into it and  'keeping the faith' instaed of following the mainstream route and being force fed garbage for music.
Never really been one for Northern myself even though i was bombarded with it on Scooter Rallies in my yoof.  Find it a little more apealing as im getting older.
I think that one guy on this  was right about the comparison between Norhern Soul and the Rave culture, music, drugs and staying up all night.
Cant see too many ex ravers going to all nighters like these guys do still. Dont think that i would want to see it either!

I thought it was a great little programme. 100% agree with Badge about seeing todayís kids following the clothes and the dancing to the letter. I was genuinely shocked to see how into it some of the yoof are. It put a big smile on my face that these records still have people in awe. The parallels that the DJ Ian Dewhirst made about NS and the house scene of the early nineties that Badge has mentioned were spot on. The driving percussive beat of a lot of Northern stuff is musically a very small dance step away from house music. I used to meet a lot of Casino veterans at clubs like Back2Basics in Leeds. I love Northern Soul even though I'm far too young to have been around in its real heyday and have been to doís in the past and there is nothing more impressive as seeing a dancefloor-hardened soul lad/lass in their element doing all those moves. I get goosebumps just writing about it. The spins, kicks, and rhythm is the living embodiment of a pure love for the music. As with any good music it sends tingles up my spine be it if I have a cd of it on in the car or Iím listening to it in a bar or a club.

The fact that it has been around so long and hasnít sold out or some git with a ponytail from a record company has tried to mass market it makes it IMHO the most cultish underground music scene in the history of British popular culture. If that kind of dancing was done by some Russian lad in tights called Boris Ivejuststubbedmetoeov it would be called ballet. Thatís how amazing it is to me. This is one of my alltime faves. Check It:

smiling badger

Love this one.
Late Doors

Watched it last night, really enjoyed it. I was a bit too young to be in with it at the time, 13-16 years old but lots of the older lads around Moldgreen and Dalton were well into it. To be honest at that age I thought arsing about on a dance floor was for girls. The show was spot on about the Youth clubs. The older lads would dominate the floor with the dance routines but because they were usually the harder lads you couldn't take the piss or they'd batter you. The kind of lads who were into it were football lads who didn't go to matches or particularly support a team. Saturday Kids as Weller sang about. Mainly the "rascals" amongst the place but no women as I recall.

The clobber was interesting. It wasn't a uniquely Northern soul thing as all the lads would wear stuff like that then. Neither do I get this unique Black appreciation thing about it. There has always been a connection with Black  American music of all types amongst white British working class kids. That's why the Blues got resurrected here. No black kids around here ever got into Northern soul.

At about 15 or 16 I used to play in the open age Sunday Leagues. Three of the lads used to come into the dressing room completely fucked with bags and just fall onto the benches. They had just come back from some all nighter on the coach that used to leave town. They used to disappear to the river bank and come back completely different, bouncing and lively. Didn't see them until Thursday practice nights after the game though.

So skip on ten years and the fantastic Coach House club in Huddersfield, a melting pot for all sorts of peripherals and tribal characters. They used to play a lot of Northern Soul and the old lads would leap onto the dance floor and do their stuff. It was pretty impressive and made me look into the music a bit more. No doubt about it its brilliant raw emotive music. I'm not surprised its getting an interest amongst the more discerning yoof these days. Think there is a periodic Northern Soul night Brighouse. Once a month I believe that is apparently brilliant.

Good piece from T'Sabotage Times on NS including a wicked quote from Edwin Starr: Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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