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Frazier Cranium

The ban by FA will remain

That's all I'm reckoning.
Late Doors

i'm finding it hard to even think about him these days. Incidentally Codge/anyone. Who do you reckon the biggest shysters are? Bates, GFH or Cellino. i reckon 1-2-3 in that order
Frazier Cranium

In terms of shysterness that is a difficult one for me to answer.  I think GFH & Cellino are alike but none of the depths would have been touched without Bates' involvement, and yet some trusted him and supported him AND mocked those rallying against him.

I don't doubt for one second though that Cellino came here to profit and he knew that he would bring big problems to the club with his convictions and potential new convictions.  The cronies he has brought with him to cause all that division and conflict amongst supporters is something I'll never forget or forgive, same with some of the more active bastards when it's been Leeds on Leeds.

Pardon my language but in terms of c0untishness I think they're all pretty much equal.

I will never forget the threat made by Bates that if his preferred option did not buy the club out of admin he would close us down. That from a man that never invested a penny of his own.

Cellino seems at least to care about the club, whereas Bates was only in it to increase his personal wealth. Trump reminds me of Bates.
Frazier Cranium

Does he bolshevicks care about the club!!!
Late Doors

Bates had one thing and one thing only on his mind. He's always hated us and took this chance to undermine everything we still had left, mortgage our future income and stone wall any other investment partnerships and slowly starve us to death.  He saw what was happening with the Prem, Media rights etc and made damm sure along with his crony at the FL that Leeds United was not going to be part of it. Makes you wonder what fit and proper actually means to these people. Sadly I didn't fully realise it at the time as my unswerving belief in human nature prevented me from thinking such evil actually exists. Massive credit for those that did realise what he was really up to but sadly they were derided too. Without doubt he was/is the biggest cu next tuesday in football and probably in life
Frazier Cranium

yes, we've really been blessed with bastions of goodwill and honesty in the last few years haven't we? Forum Index -> Leeds
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