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The Avengers

I mean the proper one from the sixties. Accept no substitute.

It's on Channel 61 True Entertainment at 8:00 pm every week day.

Currently on second series made with Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg (first in colour).

Used to have the hots big time for Diana Rigg. So much class it's impossible to believe she was born in Doncaster and her dad worked on the railways.

I thought she was from Pudsey

And that's any better?
Late Doors

They always seemed to be stuck in a maze with clockwork orange clowns blowing poison darts at them. At least thats how i remember it
Frazier Cranium

Same here, all seemed a bit disjointed and silly, not much if any overall plot, or was I just too young?  

Loved The Prisoner of course, but also Danger Man, Budgie and absolutely loved Callan.  Never saw Department S or Target but heard they were v good.

Forest wrote:
I thought she was from Pudsey

went to school in Pudsey. Fulneck. Quaker school or something.


Poor lass, I wonder what time she had to get up on a morning?

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