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The Avenger

The Avenger is a 'Half Iron Man Triathlon'

I work for the guys who organise this now. Had to get up at 05:00 on Sunday to get there for 6:00. Don't think i've been up that early since D1 was born.

When you see the Brownlee brothers doing Triathlons you get a totally false impression. They come across the line waving and smiling because they have the right genetics, are professional athletes trained with tax-payers money, have state of the art equipment, and consequently they make it look easy.

The people who completed the Avenger are all shapes and sizes, have day jobs, kids, and have to make do with what kit they can afford.

Top see them staggering across the line after up to seven hours of swimming, cycling and running was quite emotional. All for a T-shirt, a cereal bar, and a cheap medal.

Full of admiration for them but not tempted to try it.

ps - I met Fiona Hunter Johnston, who is in the GB Triathlon Squad. Do I get any points? Forum Index -> Sports
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