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The Adventures of Barry Mackenzie

Wrtiten by Barry Humphries, drawn by Nicholas Garland and published by Private Eye.

about the funniest thing i've ever read

and if yer don't like it, you can go stick yer nose up a dead bears bum, yer whingeing pommie ning-nong.
Late Doors

He looks like George Mellie off the telly

Late Doors wrote:
He looks like George Mellie off the telly

Don't you mean Roger Mellie The Man on the Telly from Viz?

And you got the spelling wrong on on George's name. It's spelt M E L L Y.

So to conclude, go to the bottom of the class for being a totally thick bastard!

I love LD me, fact!
Late Doors

 not my finest Reg hour   . Well done interpreting the gibberings of a senile imbecile though. Where did you learn that?

*Expects,"whilst i was living in Huddersfield" reply* Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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