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Higgs Boson

That goldfish on speed

Reg? Is there anyway the animation can be sloooowed down a bit, to a more chilled and calming goldfish-like rate of knots. It's doing m'head in.

Is that better?

Is it because you want to stare longly into my eyes?

Any way that fish can speed up, it's sending me to sleep.
Pond Life

oh gawd.....

The quicker fluid movement is better than the slower jerky movement
which is most unbecoming of a fish of Reg's standing.

Have you noticed the great big grin he gives at the top left corner
as if he can't get enough of swimming around all day?

The smoother, quicker trajectory is also my favoured fish pace

0.1 delay

0.2 delay

0.3 delay

0.4 delay

Pond Life

Some things are too fast...


Is there a 0.14 version?
Pond Life


Higgs Boson

That's better, I like the new fish header. Forum Index -> Clean the tank
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