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Thanks Johnners. Jonathan Agnew

A tribute to the wonderful Brain Johnston from the equally terrific Jonathan Agnew (Aggers) both of the Beebs peerless Test Match Special team. Reading about Football my first sporting love frankly bores me. I think there is a kind of arrogance in that i don't think i can learn anything about the game and anyone who can educate or entertain me are usually mates anyway. There are great characters in the game at all levels, sharp and wick but it's a game full of dullards with precious little of interest to say but cricket is on a different level altogether. That is my honest if haughty opinion anyway.

Cricket is a brilliant clash of intellects of all kind and a great class leveller amongst players and commentators alike and there is clearly mutual respect amongst almost all of the cricket fraternity. Not entirely though as the book goes onto explain.

There is a skip through Johnners' and to a less extent Aggers' education and career progression which may seem immersed in privilege although you might be surprised by Johnners' war record and family trauma. Their friends and mentors have more hyphens in their surnames than a morse code novel but both have amiable humility and personality. In fact its Boycott, Trueman (both loved by the author and Johnners) and Brian Mosey who appear to need a lesson in that. But as we know people like that have more to prove.

A fabulous tribute to a wonderful and well loved man who epitomised the world's finest game. The book suffers somewhat from a slight discord with a few chapters referencing the same incidents suggesting various disparate pieces have been collated for the book and stitched together without any editing continuity. That is only a slight criticism for what is a very fine sporting book

Might have to read that.

Not a cricket fan but this sounds good. I think books about men like BJ are good because they have been involved in a certain sport for such a long time and can reflect on the changes in a sport and the people involved. I'm after a biog on the racing man Peter O'Sullivan, like Johnson another veteran with years of experience in sport, but the only one I have found is out of print. Fucksocks!

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