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Ok not the most interesting glamorous plaice in the tank but worthy of a thread I think at least. I like the place actually given the limitations of culture and confines of environment. Especially a week in winter lazing in the sunshine and warmth with books beer and the occasional banquet.
This time we had a fab apartment (if only Id brought the pants to go with it) on the Golf Del Sur on a frankly impossibly cheap internet deal so good it would have been rude not to do it. Of course we had to share the complex with the golfing frat in all their manifest guise but they are generally great people once you take away the casual racism, snobbery dress sense and a penchant for a full English every morning. The exceptions to this were Four, ahem, ladies with a taste for comfortable shoes and a look that made the municipal worker element of the Village people look positively effeminate.

Tenerife has actually got some wonderful landscapes and vistas and extraordinary flora but alas requires a full day excursion and we were in no mood for adventure. It is the Ex Pat community that intrigues me.
On first glance it does appear to be living the dream, retired in the sun living a sedentary life in comfort and warmth but very few of them appear to be actually happy. I can totally get emigrating for a new life abroad with its own culture and way of life whatever that may be but to retire to Tenerife smacks to me of giving up somehow and living in a bubble. Most of the Ex pats seem interested in little else other than creating a caricature of little England in the sun with fish n chips, pints of lager and Premier League football on the box, maybe some karaoke at night. There is nothing organic or real about that life is there? Youre just like fungus on a rock.

Anyway we had an enjoyable time. In particular two fab restaurants, Elektra and Los Roques in San Blas and Los Abrigos near the airport. The latter been the best food I have ever had in a restaurant. The kind of tucker that makes you realise what those two keep going about in Masterchef. Balance, texture, taste and perfect combinations, all that sort of thing, sensational    


Los Roques

Nice one!

I completely agree on the point about people making a little England. It's my answer to people who start moaning about any community from abroad that does the same in this country. It has been said to me that it is ok when we do it.  

Glad you had a good time, glad you're back safe.

Often thought of going for some out of season sun but for some reason or another, we have never got there.

Expats that go native are fine. It's the other lot get my goat. Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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