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Jones the Steamed

Taybarns, Sheffield/Barnsley.

Had another overnight stay at the Premier Inn just off the M1 again and had no choice other than dine at the Piggery Whitbread calls Taybarns last night.

It was chocka, inflated 8.99 GBP (it's 5.99GBP weekdays) for a pig fest seemed to not deter the masses and massively waisted folk of south Yorkshire.  Anyway, I like a beer or two before and during my evening feast so was restricted to a Big Mac with no beer or another swine feed in the fat house with alcohol.

Everything was fineish until I returned to my table with my sickly chocolate sauce covered fudge cake to discover that the occupants of the table 4 metres from me had hastily vacated the premises leaving 6 plates of half eaten food, a pint and a half of Stella, half a glass of Rose and a pool of vomit all over the table , floor, and baby seat that the unfortunate ill kid had been residing in.

Nobody batted an eyelid as they carried on gourging themselves watching the rubber glove clad girl attempt to clear the cankered table, these obesities were mesmerised by the cess pool that had been recently created.


My conclusion is that a new form of Pate Foie De Gras is being developed in South Yorkshire, unfortunately it's human babies that will be served up as starters in Royston Vasey not goose.  Only explanation I can think of for being so cruel to a bairn.

I'll be taking a taxi to Chapeltown and back next time they stick me there.

Got to go, my bum's about to squirt water for the trillionth time today.

Pond Life

Sounds lovely Jones Man. Any photos?

Pond Life wrote:
Sounds lovely Jones Man. Any photos?

Photo's of his arse?

*backs out of thread*

terrible places - there's one near us.

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