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Late Doors

Tav Falco, Brudenell Social Club

Well that was a long day. Got ensconced in Foleys at twelve for the game and waited for assorted vagabonds and scoundrels to join me as the Yeovil game kicked off. Si came for half time, followed by Shaun and Ant as the game ended with Sheeps and Dock bringing up the rear a little later. To the New Leeds Brewery Place next to the Duck n Drake? Via the Angel to gather again after a bout of cd shopping and then tea at some Latin Burger Joint by the Corn Exchange after bidding Sheeps and Dock goodbye. Bit of a laugh in the burger place. A glorified fast food joint masquerading as Latin sophistication. Burger was nice though the corny pretensions of the place a tad comical.

Taxi up to the Brude for nine and Tav came on stage 40 minutes later. Memphis based Tav has been around a long time. His  swamp Latino bluesabilly inspiring the likes of the cramps amongst others. A bit of a showman his diminutive dapper suited stage persona giving the set a slightly theatrical feel. Occasionally  back combing his hair in the current retro trend fashion he introduced each song in that 50s style formality normally associated with black n white teenage pop programs. " thank you music lovers and this next song is called...... One time.." kind of thing.

The guitarist was quite a dude as well. Tall, well aged with Crocodile shoes, everything David Brent from the office thinks he is complete with crisp Gibson semi. He even attracted a rather inebriated lady to clamber on stage and drape herself around his back as he cooly carried on playing.

Now then, the drummer. Imagine a women, a scantily clad women, part Egyptian belly dancer, part flamenco dancer and part Hiawatha. I can, still am actually, quite the saucestress if only a competent drummer but that didn't seem to matter on the night.

Only a half full house but a thoroughly entertaining hour and 50 mins complete with a bout of tangoing from Tav and accomplice. The music was retro, no doubt about that and a bit cartoony showy for my liking but still well delivered. Id have preferred a little more energy, more stray cat less boss cat. The songs were interesting slices of southern voodoo boogie, swamp blues and off the wall rockabilly with great slices of classic rock n roll guitar. Nothing to dislike and a great end to a fab day out.

Well not quite the end, the taxi i booked and arranged in the morning to pick us up at midnight had decided not to bother turning up claiming the sat nav had broken and getting to LS6 was too difficult. Ten minutes of semi restrained negotiations over the phone in the Brude car park persuaded them otherwise and half hour later he was there. Not good though. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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