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I'm sure you all realised this was total bobbins early on (if you even gave it a try), but I do tend to give the Beeb shows that make it over here onto BBC America at least a bit of a chance as, well, I have been thoroughly annoyed at the complete and utter nonsense that tends to be put out here as "drama" of late. You know the sort of thing: crap characters with irrational plot development and huge gaping holes where logic disappears up its own arse.

This was scheduled to be shown after Orphan Black (a show that seemed to start out okay, but has since descended into bobbins), so I just added it to the DVR so that I could watch it later in a binge session.

This happened yesterday. There were three shows recorded and, obviously, I found that the third was not the end of the series so I had a look around to see where any others might be only to find that episodes four through six were  lurking in the On Demand section of my cable offerings and, presumably, had not been formally aired.


I can only assume BBC America also realised it was shite, so didn't feel like putting it out "live" any more and, to make matters even less tolerable, it now seems as if it might be an eight part rather than a six part show, so I guess I'll never know what happened.

Oh, well done.

I suspect it had a bobbins ending.

Do they now pull stuff so quickly in the UK, or is it just an American thing?

Very rare for a show to get pulled mid series over here. Unless the lead presenter assaults the producer in a drunken rage.

Shown on BBC3 recently, saw a bit of the first one and didn't think it was that bad to be honest.
Channel 5 seem to pull shows and alter the schedule so you miss them, Archer & Justified come to mind.

They are definitely doing something weird as the seventh episode was spotted in the On Demand section yesterday, but it definitely isn't on scheduled TV here.

I guess they're putting it onto the list as if it were being shown on a weekly basis? Can't see the point of that.

It is still bobbins, but no worse than most similar miniseries. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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