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T in the Park 2014

A fun filled few days with Mrs Heyho, OC and his partner. Feeling it a bit today I must say.

Mrs H had her eyes opened - people snorting coke right next to her whilst Human league were playing (she was fine about the coke it wa stey Human league which opened here eyes like lol). Other people totally off the heads lying in the mud. Mrs H wanted to do her Florence Nightingale. A row broke out between the two of us seeing as I am less sympathetic to wankers who get so pissed and off their heads.

So what of the music:

Maximo Park - alright
Chvrches - sort of alright
Manic Street Preachers - very good although did go an a bit!!!
Pixies - brilliant but had to leave a bit before the end
Stranglers - missed first 20 minutes due to unforeseen circumstances. Fucking jobs worths delaying you getting in. Stranglers were ok but had a major strop half way through the set
Soul II Soul - enough said but OC enjoyed the bird singing
Human League - really really good. Birds looked tasty as well
Late Doors

Seen it on telly a few times and of all the festivals around it looks like the most alcohol fuelled and only a fraction behind the Leeds fest in the least desirable. Think id rather attend an all day x factor audition.
Frazier Cranium

I actually like the fact that the Scots, most of them, clearly regard T as their big Burn Out opportunity.  I've never seen real trouble there, I've been 3 times now, though one of our group had his tent burgled there in 2010.  By scousers

Heyho has told me what his daughter has said about Leeds Fest... the term 'shit tent'  NOT meant as an adjective makes me shudder!  I don't think you get that at T. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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