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Foo Whiter

T'Hull & Back - The Deep

Went today with the wife & kids. After watching Finding Nemo 20 times a week my kids loved it. Car park was 3 for 6 hours but had a coupon on the back for 2 off in the Shop or Cafe. 8.75 each to get in for me & Mrs Foo kids got in free although we had a voucher for the eldest. Plenty of interactive stuff to do for older kids. The 3-D movie looked good but my two were too busy shaking like Shitting Dogs with the noise alone so i couldn't watch it. Also half way round there's an indoor picnic area for which you can take your own stuff, which i thought was good as most places are "your in here, your eating our expensive cheese sandwich". Probably a tad better than a Sea Life Centre but i wouldn't travel from to far to it if you have a SLC nearer home.
smiling badger

Sounds good Foo.

smiling badger wrote:
Sounds good Foo.

Seconded. Glad I've seen this thread. Informative and concise  

Ty Foo is right, no one gives a fuck anymore
Late Doors

Thankfully we got sea life centers coming out of our ears here in 'udders so although a very informative review I wont be going to 'ull. Ever in fact, 'till we play em again

I really like Hull. Worked there for a good few months in 05 and had a ball. Lovely people, always taking the piss out of themselves.

Apart from Mrs. D coming from there, my mate Shanny was a student there. Had some great nights down Beverley Road. Pubs like The Main Brace (in which you'd normally find Paul Heaton suitably refreshed slumped at the bar) The Haworth Arms, and the Welly club. also remember a really dodgy goth club in the middle of nowhere called Spiders.

This is great Foo, if I'm ever in the area I'll take up the chance of a visit, sandwiches in hand...

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