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Super League 2017

Not a lot of 'big' pre season signings for any clubs. A few ex Bradford Bulls players finding clubs but generally a clear out of squad players for all clubs and a reshuffling of the squads all around.

Except really for Leeds. 3 out and 3 in that's all. Biggest move Hardaker to Classy Cas. Cocaine probably cheaper there. Was he really high when he got badly hurt early in the 2016 season. Apparently yes.

I do wonder if there is a cover up in RL regarding drugs. Especially someone like Hardaker - Man of steel for 2015 and all that. There are others that are also known to dabble.

I think it might be tight this year. Certainly it won't be Leeds again, maybe Cas might be up there (sadly). Leeds might suffer at full back and are a bit light if injuries take hold (McGuire already ruled out for the saints game)

Looking forward to seeing if a couple of youngsters get through the ranks at Leeds this year. mates of my son and local lads. Decent lads as well. Know them from my coaching days when they were playing in the sister team to us

Turned it off last night after an hour.

Two sets of big blokes hurling into each other, where has the craft gone?
Late Doors

Well it was the opener, bound to be a risk free affair i suppose. Good to see British young uns playing. Got a season ticket for The Giants this year. Cant see us doing anything other than avoiding the drop but cant see anyone else dominating either. Forum Index -> Sports
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