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Sunset Park - Paul Auster

Big fan of Paul Auster's other books and this doesn't disappoint. A brilliant storyteller. This in short is about a guy who chose to drop out of his life and to drop all contact with his parents for seven years and is now on his way back into the fold.

As anybody who is a fan of Auster will tell you he hooks you from the first sentence of the first page, but I will say that I think this and the book before it (Invisible) are not as good as his earlier books like Moon Palace or Leviathan but he still outshines a lot of other stuff thats out there. Great writer, but I wouldn't say this is essential even for fans of PA. In my opinion I think this has way too many characters in it. Instead of his usual masterpieces of suspense, plot twists, and character-meshing that sometimes only have two or three characters, this has more than are needed. Any fans will be glad to know that as in every other of his brilliant books this features three of the key things he writes well about and knows a lot about: Writers, New York, and Publishers.
Late Doors

i'm a big fan of your book reviews, they are ace.

Late Doors wrote:
i'm a big fan of your book reviews, they are ace.

Cheers LD. Thats a very kind comment.

Your money will be left in a brown paper bag in the doorway of the building that has a large white stone lion on its roof, you know where I mean. Its all used notes so you can go against your mams advice and spend it all on sweets if you so wish. If the sweets are a part of a money laundering operation I have a man in Goldcar who will fence peardrops at a very agreeable rate, and an Uzbek in Armitage Bridge who does a great exchange on Drumstick lollys. You have my number!

*disappears into the shadows*

Mmm big lions, wish I had the money for a big lion on my roof. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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