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So lets get this straight. He gets banned (and quite rightly) but can bugger off from Liverpool tomorrow to a European club. So he will go and put his feet up on hliday for a couple of months, get signed up for some European club with a ludicrous signing on fee and is free to play from the start of the season, helping to plot the downfall of the Eglish teams in Europe.

Why aren't these bans Europe wide.

Mak ehim fuck off back to Uruguay I say

Agree, they should be Europe wide if in fact they aren't.

The bloke is a total cunt but fortunately for him he has a talent. Unfortunately, too many clubs will forgive his behaviour too readily.
Nyles O Cranium

I like Leeds United's stance on this sort of thing, as there is consistency at the club in that they are all shit cunts so it doesn't matter how well they behave.

He'll be fine with a muzzle.


He's a fucking headcase. The players who pull stunts like he does wouldnt if they faced a season ban and loss of wages no matter what their contract stipulated. I mean FFS, biting somebody?* Fucks wrong with him? Its a shit sport run by shitheads that allows this thing to go unfully punished. The beautiful game my arse. Its baba.

*starts mumbling to self for the rest of morning about 'the modern game'*

* Of course this is a fully acceptable piece of behaviour if your first name is Norman and you have an appitite for leg flesh.

Tevez, Suarez, fucking Desi Arnaz. Makes no odds to me who you are or how good you are. Feck Off!

Suarez is undoubtedly a twat we could do without, and his manager, who I previously respected, has shown the same unwarranted loyalty to him as his predecessor. Basically, if you score goals you're forgiven anything in football.

Pleased that the FA have made an example of him.

Compare and contrast.

This year, England Rugby International Dylan Hartley was given an 8 week ban for attempting to amputate an opponent's digit with his teeth. He'd had two previous bans for gouging.

Notice that Call me Dave failed to comment on that one.
Late Doors

Liverpool fan i know made me laugh yesterday. Said he just let his hunger for the game get the better of him. I prefer the headcase/twat theorum

Late Doors wrote:
Liverpool fan i know made me laugh yesterday. Said he just let his hunger for the game get the better of him. I prefer the headcase/twat theorum

How much was his fine? Bet it cost him an arm and a leg.

I'll leave shall I?

I hope they give him something more substantial for lunch when he returns to action.

Rapists and killers are not denied the opportunity of work, and let's not even mention the catholic church.  Why should stupid cunt footballers not have the same rights?

Trouble is we see it and judge it as a different world. I can put an even perspective on this sort of thing, these blokes don't earn any more than tennis players, jockeys or golfers so keep the 'overpaid footballers out of it. Suarez would be as he is if he were a fork lift truck driver or a brain surgeon, trouble is he's on telly and adored (FFS) by thousands.

We have seen our share of over the top tackles this season, deliberate or not that could have ended a career and they have received three game bans. My opinion is he is a twat who committed an unacceptable breach of the laws and spirit of the game. Ten game ban is more than justified, lets move on Forum Index -> All other football
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