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Stuart Lee, Bradford St Georges Hall

Quite a week, both of my favourite comedians live in nearby towns   . Parked up in Jacobs well car park and sauntered down to the ace St Georges Hall. A one man show this time and Stuart explained he was doing material for his forthcoming TV series. Much as I love the guy I don't quite like his TV stuff as much as his live stand up. TV stifles the infiniteness and timing of his stories. Live he uses the time and space to add drama and tension to his ridiculously expanded almost excruciating tales. There was a bit of that element on Thursday but you could tell, mainly because he told us, that he was trying to stick to 3 sets of half hours to hone it into the TV Format. He told us we would also get an encore, for free, if we asked for it but it wasn't to be included in our assessment of the show, as it was free, for nothing.

So in some ways a slight disappointment but otherwise same ol' Stuart Lee which for the record is as brilliant as stand up comedy gets. Although in the confinements of the structure he had set  he still produced his classic traits that I just love. The self effacing left wing leanings and assaults on the right, the subtle but savage abuse of the audience when they don't get one of his jokes, the destroying of some fellow "comedians" and other celebrities, the irony and sarcasm that wade through his routine like a falling pin ball and the snail like pace his stories of  exasperation at everyday situations have. He does it all with an endearing wink that just screams likeable. There is no one anywhere near Stu, not even any of the Russels.

Dont like giving too much away especially as most of the stuff will be on the telly soon, suffice it to say that taxi drivers, celebrity Vets, Tory celebrity, The UKIPs, labour celebrities, football, marriage, strong ale from supermarkets an inevitable but surprisingly restrained and balanced Thatcher piece all get the treatment amongst lots of other topics. There was one piece of specialness involving a short Anglo Saxon monologue that was unforgettable.
He said he was doing another tour like this then a proper tour but he explained it would have to be an extra couple of quid for that. Can't be any fairer than that

Oh aye, an ace John Lee Hooker sound track before the gig and during the interval.

He's a very funny guy. Imagine he'd go down like a lead balloon over here.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

loved his tv series - especially the stuff about only fools and horses and del boy falling through the bar
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

loved his tv series - especially the stuff about only fools and horses and del boy falling through the bar Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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