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Late Doors

Stones in His Pockets. LBT

Almost a full house at the Lawrence Batley Theatre for this twenty year old but still splendidly relevant play.

Set in rural Kerry, the village has been taken over by a blockbusting American film production company for their current rom-com bullshit filum featuring the darling actress of the day.

Two local men playing extras in the filming are central to the story but it brings in family tragedy, village life and struggle and reflections of a vanishing way of life. More than that it presents bigger concepts of colonial occupation and cultural bullying whist Irishness defiantly stands firm.
Just two actors playing a multitude of parts interchanging roles instantly with fast and witty dialogue. Splendid stuff, tragic and funny in equal measures.

We went to this at Hull Truck Theatre in March (I think). Must have been just before its Leeds run so I'm guessing it would be the same two actors. Mrs D had seen it years ago in London and she spotted it was on, otherwise it might have passed me by. Great play. I loved the Assistant Director character. But the whole thing was brilliant. Very moving but hilarious. Few plays can manage both ends of that spectrum.
Late Doors

Yeah, it was one of the best things we've seen at the LBT. Seen a few Hull Truck stuff as well, very good outfit. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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