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Stevie Wright

Lead singer of the Easybeats. Aussie rock band of the sixties who's light shone briefly, but while it did, they recorded two of the greatest rock songs ever - Friday on My Mind and Good Times. Imo.

Apparently, McCartney heard Friday On My Mind on the radio in his limo, and demanded his driver stopped the vehicle so that he could phone the BBC and get them to play it again. Not sure whether they did.

It was also covered by Bowie and a few other lesser mortals

Writers Harry Vanda and George Young later formed the excellent Flash and The Pan, and nurtured an embryonic Aussie hard rock band called AC/DC, which contained two of Young's brothers. I'd sooner they hadn't tbh, but I forgive them every time I listen to this.

He was 68 btw.

View on YouTube

Thought it was the shit radio 2 dj. Next time then.

Steve Wright - the spirit of Smashie and Nicey lives on.

Only 61 I'm afraid. Forum Index -> Sink or Swim
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