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Late Doors

Steve Gunn, Holy Trinity

Can't seem to convince anyone of this fellas brilliance. Had to go over on my own but that suited me fine, I fancied a solo trek out.

Started off with dull pint in Becketts, way passed its best but that's what you get in Wetherspoons sometimes. Got some tea round the corner then in that Thai place. Splendid spicy veg fritters and Pad Thai, beautiful. Never had a problem eating on my own but it does seem to attract a few wary glances from other people.

Whiteloks next since I haven't been in for a while. Not changed as you'd expect, stunk of farts though. †Great pint of Thornbridge Galaxia †but at a stonking £4.20 and had the dubious pleasure of standing at the bar with a bunch of self absorbed suits.

Tapped is becoming a mainstay in town for me. Always great ale and a window seat adds to the pleasure. Dark Star American Pale Ale £3.90, lovely. The gig was just along Boar Lane in the Trinity Church. He wasn't due on till Half nine so I got me hand stamped with a pass out and had a decent pint of IPA in the scabby taps. The place was thinning out but everyone got a cheery thanks and goodbye from the staff and what seems to be the manageress who strikes me as good landlady. Four blokes walked in and my immediate thought was "bunch of old guys" until I realised they were about my age. It kind of depressed me a little until I heard them talking about house prices and tax thresholds which cheered me up no end as it made me †think I am not such an old cunt after all

On one side of the bar a sign read " home made beer battered onion rings  £1.50" whilst at the other end another one said "warm goats cheese with salad £12.95" which sums the pub up these days if not the whole city center

Still too early for the gig so I had a final pint of Leeds Brewery IPA in the brewery taps. That place was also thinning out as transients left and headed for the train station leaving a residue of over relaxed post workers behind

second gig for me in the Trinity Church. This time i got a can of Magic Rock High Wire and stood just behind the front pews at the front of the standing area for a brilliant view of the man as he took to the stage about the length of the penalty spot away from me. first time I heard him I imagined a gruff stocky troubadour but he's quite diminutive looking a bit vulnerable under the lights in this hushed reverent church. It suited him and his superb music well as a gently finger picked his acoustic guitar with increasing dexterity and complexity before finally getting into song. Let me tell you I was in awe, He's as good as it gets with this solo acoustic singer song writer genre. I have him up there with Bert Jansch, Michael Chapman and John Martyn, honestly. Maybe not their repertoire or longevity yet but every bit as majestic.

His songs are pithy, sometimes a bit pastoral but steeped in metaphor and connection. His playing is gossamer like surging into a fuller chord volley and laced with silky flourishes that just takes me over as it did for about a hour last night. Also fortunate enough to have a little chat with him after when he signed his first solo album for me that I had bought in Jumbos earlier that afternoon. What a gent, what a fantastic day.

Plastic Man

I liked that. The guitar stuff was very reminiscent of Velvet Ground - All tomorrow's parties, maybe?

Nice review M.

Good review and post. Might be another artist you've put me on to.

As for paying £4.20 for a pint? Fuck that fucking shit! Only a moron would pay that mu, er, move on nothing to see here. You've got too much money you! Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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