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Late Doors

Star Wars, The Force Awakens 3D

Always been a sucker for Sci Fi romps but never really got into the Star Wars prequels. Seem to remember going to see the original Star Wars just before I started work and here we are 38 years later seeing an almost exact replica of it just after ive finished. It is a replica as well in plot development, characters, interplay, dynamics and camera angles. That isnt to say that the film isnt brilliant, it is, but I saw it more of a homage and celebration of the original trilogy. In 3D, on the big screen almost to ourselves on a wednesday afternoon it was awesome.

You're right though - it is basically the same chuffing film.
Late Doors

Everybody's aged, except Chewbacca and C3po. I bet they've had some work done Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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