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Frazier Cranium

Stageplay - 'Playing The Joker'

Written by Anthony Clavane, starring a cast of 3 - Dicken Ashworth, Paul Fox and Dominic Gately.

It's about Eddie Waring.

It's bloody ace, go see it if you can.  A tenner for tickets, which includes the play, a pint and a pie.  REALLY enjoyed it all, I thoroughly recommend.

Which one plays Stuart Hall?


What do you get if you pay twenty instead?

* Jeux sans frontbottoms. *

Is it too late for an up and under joke?

I used to quite enjoy sitting in front of the rugby league on telly as a nipper.

* Sighs. *
Frazier Cranium

This play is being performed at Hunslet RL's John Charles Centre this Thursday.  Well recommended and of course you might help Hunslet a little bit if you go.

I'm attending but don't let that deter you Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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