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Late Doors

St Paul and the Broken Bones. Brudenell

Latest retro "soul" band from the states. I get the same alarm bells seeing white men singing soul as i do hearing the words "Rom Com starring....". My stomach has not stopped turning since hearing the commitments or Tom Jones singing kiss.    

Anyway both Si n Shaun love soul music and recommended  this lot so off we jolly well went.

It was very nice of the band not to start untill the Fartown- Warrington game was almost over which we watched in the brilliant Brudenell social club. This place is simply the best venue i have ever been to. It has everything and is as perfect as venues can be.

Wow, i was definitely not expecting that. I am talking about the band of course not the staggeringly bad try decision they gave Warrington. All white boys and the singer was a dead ringer for chatty man Alan Carr, all glasses and chubby cheeks. The lad could sing like Otis and move like Ella. The band could have backed anybody. They were on it, intense and precise with brilliant restrained virtuosity. Everything a soul band should be and everything the Alabama Shakes were not.

They did a full set of their own material and although clearly heavily influenced to the point of copy cat by the soul classics their songs were their own. The singer was quite the jester as well, i guess he has to be looking like he does.

Great gig, certainly not inventive or original but very very satisfying and enjoyable. This is what they were all about


Hmmm.No doubt they can play and he can sing but this sound has been done better by people years ago. I can listen to Al Green stuff, or for that matter most of the recordings on the HI label from the 70's to get the vibe they are putting out. Not v. impressed.

*reinvents wheel*
Late Doors

Yeah said in the first post not original or inventive and I probably wouldnt buy their stuff for reasons Dock has said. Chances of me seeing Otis Live or Al Green are somewhat stacked against it so this lot and the like are the only option live and it was a great night out. The wheel was invented so people could keep riding them.

I remember the Rockabilly revival in the '80s  with bands like Matchbox. Without bands like that I wouldnt have got switched on to that brilliant vein of music. I see bands like St Paul in that mould and as long as they do it with care and mean it, they'll do for me. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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