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Spike Milligan Documentary

On BBC4 last night. Painful to watch at times. His battle with mental illness in particular.

I love Monty Python and I know all that lot hail Spike as the cornerstone of a lot of alternative comedy but a lot of his stuff goes over my head. Maybe I'm missing something, but I lean towards some of it being too silly. Python was daft but their was some kind of alchemy with the MP gang. As I say, maybe its me and I have to watch more of his stuff for it to click. I read one of his books about the war and it had me in stitches.
Frazier Cranium

Spike and the Goons were possibly the first to just go potty on radio or on telly when it wasn't 'the done thing' to do.  They were the first to cut loose with absolute bloody mayhem in the name of comedy and making people laugh, in times when rationing was a recent memory and we weren't allowed to enjoy ourselves as we were too busy as a country apologising for winning the war and trying to make financial amends for all the damage we caused to the bastard countries who caused the war in the first place.

Whenever I watch Spike Milligan sketches, like his Q series, I always get this voice in my head when the comedy is a bit too much and too not funny, similar to Graham Chapman's officer voice, that Spike really is 'being too silly now'.  But I love him for it anyway.

What are we gonna do now?  What are we gonna do now?
Frazier Cranium

Or is it 'next'?  Anyway, Spike is one reason why I love Heath Robinson humour, of years before ie WW One era, with cartoons lampoons.
Late Doors

Special fella no doubt but like with Dock most of that type of humour is lost on me. Prince Charles loves it, 'nuff said.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood
Late Doors

 now that was funny

Spike was ace. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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