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Late Doors


smiling badger

Not one of your most epic reports,  LD.
I don't think that it's going to be one of your last like that this season either.  
We are fucked. Said it before, the club is rotten to the core and is going nowhere selling our quality youth and buying other players that are not wanted by other clubs,  ie,  shit.
And being run by mugs treating fans as mugs.
Every season I loose more interested and this season is no different.  I feel sorry for the proper, real supporters like yourself.  
Ups and downs and all that..  Been no ups for the last 15 odd years.

Late Doors - one question.

Was there any passion amongst the playing staff?
Late Doors

I'd put it more like Huddersfield had more energy and desire to win the game coupled with a club ethos that has a plan which runs right through the team now.

I think I know what Monk had in mind given we were playing a team at the top of their game and we are barely established as a group of players. He knew their game plan of playing across the back waiting to pick us off if we got too impatient just like they did last year. I think we defended ok and kept our discipline but that is all. It isn't acceptable especially at home. We didn't muster a single effort on goal until Wood fluffed the header right near the end ad that simply isn't good enough.

A couple of mysteries remain. Why take Antonson off and why not start with Roofe? Mowatt was a passenger on the left for most of the game.

Its automatic pilot these days Badge. Just turn out for a good day out. Not looking forward tonight's game at all. If i didnt have a season ticket i wouldnt go Forum Index -> Leeds
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