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Sorry Clacks

Preston relegated yesterday. I'm sure you're aware of it

Boo hiss etc. I'm sure you'll soon be back.

Wasn't aware. Sorry for you. Hope they bounce back.
Foo Whiter

Yep sorry Clackster we've been there I'm sure Brown will get you out asap.
Late Doors

Gutted for the Clackster. Even the unbridled Joy of the Dee Darrs going down wont make up for it.
Plastic Man

My sympathies, Mr Clacker. But you have the right attitude.

Things could be much worse. Eddie might have scheduled an impromptu indoor "Royal wedding" barbecue at chez Clacker when you weren't anticipating it.

By the way, Eddie was wondering whether you are planning to be at home this coming Friday?

*prepares ticket to Preston*

hard luck Clacks. At least you will have the memory of putting six past the mighty Leeds at ER.  

You could always follow The Cleveland Steamers

Clacker wrote:
Cleveland Steamers  

Could those planning to attend my Royal Wedding shindig in Preston on Friday let me know the venue as I don't actually live there.

I'm only getting the train to Preston, I'll be getting a taxi to your village

Bad Preston, upsetting Clacks like that.  

You've got to have downs to appreciate the ups.

* A few ins and outs aren't always bad either. *

Clacker wrote:

(I'm not upset, can't be arsed).

If you change your mind and can be arsed, let Bearing know as he might be up for some of that.

Football's a stupid, stupid game anyway.

Football's a stupid, stupid game anyway.
Mick McCann

Taking it in the best manner Clacks, soz that it happened.

Fuck the Lancashire bastards!

Allways tomorrow.

There's still tomorrow Clacks

Clacker wrote:
Are we still relegated?

*Shuts eyes*

*Crosses fingers*

Hahaha yes Forum Index -> All other football
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