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Late Doors

Sons of Bill.

Three brothers, literally sons of Bill Wilson, a drummer and a bass player have just released their fourth album. Produced by Wilco drummer Ken Coomer he has tweaked out of them a body of fine contemporary Americana that twines the roots of it into a very palatable present day mix with bits of classic British indie. Heard a bit about them in the press and checked a bit of stuff out before buying the album on Saturday from Jumbos. Listened to it nonstop since so last night's gig in the games room at the Brude was very familiar in fact they were only a support act on this second stage. What a fine establishment that place is. Brother Butts was also present coincidentally, himself picking up on the current buzz about the band along with a fair few others. I think the Guardian had them in for a gig of the week going by what i overheard.

They were only on for about 45 minutes but played most of the album criminally overlooking the Fishing Song, but never mind.

I wouldn't say they were groundbreaking in anyway, the facial expressions of lead guitarist not a million miles away from spinal tap territory but they have a bunch of excellent songs. The musicianship is exemplary with beautiful lead guitar and vocal harmony but at the heart of it all are the ten songs off the album. Everyone a belter, not a weak moment on the entire album, or the gig for that matter.
Late Doors

Best album of the year so far for me, like i said earlier nothing radical just a brilliant collection of ace songs in the finest Americana tradition

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