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Late Doors

Sonics, Brudenell Social Club

Mega name checked band from the '60s. Sighted as influential by all kinds of bands. I remember the Cramps back in the day covering Strychnine along with Jack White and other dudes of the day all referencing them. They teamed up again not long ago capitalising on their renaissance with the hep cats but have never ventured much further than that there London in this country. Quite a scoop for the Brude rewarded by a packed sell out gig of old new and blue boys and girls.

Averaging in their late Sixties they assembled on stage about 9.40 resembling something more like an afternoon real ale gang than a bunch of seminal rock n rollers. On with the instruments and wallop, straight in to some blistering garage rock n roll. The diminutive bass player growling out the lyrics over some stupendous rumbling bass lines. I get the distinct impression its his band. He keeps an eye out for everyone around him filling in vocals when the others forget.

What a great reaction from the crowd as well met with broad smiles from the band clearly loving their September sun.

Boy they were loud as well, clear, precise but very loud. Right down at the front my ears didn't realise exactly how loud till we hit the night air some 60 minutes later. Terrific gig and an inspiration to all of us fifty somethings

Annoying Ad to get through but these are they a couple of years ago, this was the opener


This is one of best compilations I own. No nonsense hard hitting rock n roll. I remember your pal Sean mentioning he was going. Everyone have a good night then I take it. Good work!

Never heard a thing by them but seen the name many times. We live in great times for music. There's no real tribes anymore people like what they like and you've all these guys in their dotage enjoying some glory. Kids today have it great none of that turn this shit off from parents. It's more, 'Hey who's that?' I got into Flaming Lips, Shins, MMJ and The Strokes through my nippers. Worryingly, one of them is playing Queen a lot these days. In a way it's a plus as she was the one who used to be all Hana Montana and the like. Baby steps eh? But yeah, like seeing Arthur Lee, Love on the Forever Changes tour or Brian Wilson and The Wondermints doing Pet Sounds. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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