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Songs/bands that you've not thought of or played for a while

I've forgotten (or perhaps never knew?) how to embed things properly, but here's a tune I liked at the time, which almost seems more relevant today:

10cc's Americana Panorama

Not quite sure why I like it, but I do.

Admittedly, the video is minging.
Late Doors

Funnily enough I've been sorting my old vinyl out recently and come across quite a few of this category. Albums I used to like buy haven't given a moment's thought all these years later.

The Scars, Modern English, ABC for instance,

The Americana Panorama song came up when I was thinking about the increasingly more and more tedious election cycle here and decided to see if I could find and play it (it's quite topical) as I only have the album it's originally from on cassette and, well, my various cassette players have long since died.

I did find the source album is now available in CD form - as is their previous album, Ten out of Ten. Both are okay.

Mind you, I doubt any other Reggers will be rushing out to buy them (it's all a bit mellow and girly, although their lyrics are usually cleverer than they first appear).

I should probably have another look through my old cassette boxes to see if there's anything else I should find in a "new" format. I think there was an album by The Bluetones (or summat like that?) I used to play the snot out of.

Yep, it was The Bluetones and the sonic ear worm is "If"

This week I had the rather good 2 CD Muddy Waters Anthology on in the car whilst out at work. Haven't played it in ages. I love that lad!


Still enjoy listening to House of Love, Talk Talk and The Cardiacs.
smiling badger

fartcatcher wrote:
Still enjoy listening to House of Love, Talk Talk and The Cardiacs.

Love, Talk Talk. One of my all time favourites.

Been listening to a bit of Theatre Of Hate recently. Was really into them as a kid. And have been listening to The Meteors also.

A strange mix but I've been listening to both Dr. Feelgood and Human League in the van. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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