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Late Doors

Too right, cheers. will give it a  proper look later
Late Doors

Ace that the grand kids of these soldiers want to find out about their grand parents and their lifes especially at war.

Alex is a great bloke. First time I was introduced to him he had a Matt Sewell show on with a big Wickerman style mural on one wall. I mentioned my kid would like it. He told me he was due to paint over it and take down the rest of the art the day after in preparation for the next show. Then he asked me if I could get her to his gallery before 6pm the night after. I did and she had the whole place to herself. He gave me a drink then talked for almost an hour with my daughter about art, art school and the world of art dealing, of building relationships with artists, buyers, museums, galleries etc... Keep in mind I only met him the night before.

That was three and a half years ago. She's now in high school and working on her portfolio for Art School.

He's so proud of his grandad who went on to be one of the original Mad Men.

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