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So long, farewell, auf weidersehn, goodbye

Michael Brown has been released by Leeds United, one of seven first-team departures from the Championship club.

Danny Pugh, El-Hadji Diouf, Adam Drury, Paul Green, Luke Varney and Jamie Ashdown have also left Elland Road.

New owner Massimo Cellino has pledged to "make the club healthy" by making financial cuts, and BBC Radio Leeds reports the released list could save £3m from the club's annual wage bill.

United have handed extensions to youth players Alex Cairns and Afolabi Coker.

But fellow youngsters Simon Lenighan, Nathan Turner, Lewis Turner, Richard Bryan, Smith Tiesse and Gboly Ariyibi have all been released.

No surprises there I guess. I can think of a couple more i'd have been happy to see the back of as well.
Frazier Cranium

It ain't over yet I think.  Kenny, Peltier, Norris, Morison, they'll be listed.

We were warned that Cellino would be ruthless, I suspect though he's really going to tear the club apart just because he can.  Hope I'm wrong.

Frazier Cranium wrote:
It ain't over yet I think. †Kenny, Peltier, Norris, Morison, they'll be listed.

We were warned that Cellino would be ruthless, I suspect though he's really going to tear the club apart just because he can. †Hope I'm wrong.

Isn't that what's needed? Lost track of the times match reports on here have said how shit the squad is.
Frazier Cranium

Depends who he buys and depends on how much he wants to stamp his possibly bizarre authority on the club.  I'm being reasonable about it, it won't be a quick fix and he has to make changes, I hope he succeeds and gets the club back to winning ways.

At the end of the day he's a businessman and a very wealthy one. He hasn't bought us to just ruin everything.
Whatever happens it won't be boring 😄
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

These are players who were mainly rubbish for us and in the case of Simon Lenighan an alleged rapist

Not fit to wear the shirt most of them

As for Cellino, him and his kids are putting so much of their time, name, personalities, presence and money into it I'm even more convinced of their genuine passion for the club and the game

Also Sardinians love a good vendetta and they'll have plenty to contend with at Leeds

I also believe Cellino knows good players from rubbish ones. I was in Italy this week and lots of people wanted to talk about Cellino if they found out i was from leeds. Consensus is he is crazy but knows his football.

Victor Ibarbo to Leeds apparently
smiling badger

Great to see that we are getting rid of the dead wood as a good clear out can do some good.
Depending on who is coming in though i guess.
And how much is to be spent considering how broke that we are supposed to be.
Dont think that this guy will go down the route of getting in the usual old Journey men that we usually get lumbered with. He has spoken about using youth and going from there.
Who he brings in during the summer also determines wether Ross Mac will be a Leeds player next season.

Norwich might be offloading a few.  

Frazier Cranium wrote:
It ain't over yet I think. †Kenny, Peltier, Norris, Morison, they'll be listed.

We were warned that Cellino would be ruthless, I suspect though he's really going to tear the club apart just because he can. †Hope I'm wrong.

'Tear the club apart' ?

They could sack every member of staff for me, they have collectively failed, burn it down and start again.
Frazier Cranium

Leb, I think you might be misinterpreting my attitude to wards Cellino. †I want him to do well, I want him to improve the on and off field LU performances and I want him him to make the necessary changes and cuts so as to make it all a business adventure which runs super efficiently. †And I want him to treat all the employees, those who deserve it, with respect and fairness.  He didn't do that during his first unofficial week and for me that was a disgusting way sto start.  I mentioned something on Facebook about it and I remember you 'challenging' me to explain myself.  Fair enough, some people don't seem to mind seeing LU people's careers being curtailed unceremoniously or their current positions apparently being undermined, backed up with cryptic almost insulting public comments made by Cellino and his already annoying son.  It's not about ego for me, it's about someone doing their best for the club and the supporters... I hope Cellino achieves it, I'm just not convinced he's going about it the right or decent way so far.  It's only how I see it at the moment, plenty of words, not that many actions evident yet.

Rob, I come in peace, All I am saying is whats left to break ?

Whatever he decides to do is fine by me. The club has drifted from calamity to calamity for years and mediocrity has become accepted... you will have seen the accepting attitude of our players to getting thrashed. Conceding goal after goal and seemingly not giving a care about it.

As far as his first actions at the club sacking McD I think he was entirely right and was tryng to turn the season around.

Some of those players , and McDermott are sitting tight on our money either waiting for their pay off or happy to get it for nowt.

I have contracted in the workplace a lot, any contractor who isn't cutting it gets the boot, simple as that... why should BMcD get paid £1.5m after the dross he has contributed to over the last season ?

So, Cellino seems to be playing hard ball  and that may upset a few sensibilities, I say tough. Having to watch that shite last season upset mine but I had to pay for the priviledge.

As I remember, correct me if I'm wrong, the facebook thing was about you soliciting people to write to the FL to stop Cellino getting the club. I think that you were wrong and there has been a lot of Hysteria surrounding him, fuelled by partisan reporting e.g Phil Hay, the daily star. I concede that Cellino could help himself with his delivery but I also think he's probably the most honest man connected with the club for years, ironically.

But anyway, I truly am not after a war, we want the same thing and whatever we feel about MC he is in the driving seat so we must wait and see.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

Had a nice dream I went for a drink with him at the Station in Ilkley and he bought the pub a round. Got a selfie with him to put on here (0/10 anyone?)

Then he caught a train and said he was going to sack Brian

No Leeds manager should lose 0-6 to Sheffield Wednesday and keep their job
Frazier Cranium

Leb, if I ever thought you were after a scrap then I would ignore it amigo, we're both better than that and I apologise for giving impression of being defensive or provocative about it.

Even Cellino admitted that McDermott has been treated like shit (it might have been 'crap', I'm not sure).  It just seems that having an opinion that doesn't practically worship the Cellinos' antics and ruthlessness means that person is against Cellino completely, and that's just not right.  I know people who work or who have worked at LU for a long time and who do not affect on-field performances and who have always stayed loyal and hard-working but who are getting the 'tough' treatment, and I don't like it.  It doesn't make me soft or anti-Cellino, it probably just makes me a bit too 'wistful'

Just to say that my Facebook action/intention was probably an overreaction but I was genuinely appalled at the events that week (probably stirred by GFH, in fairness to Cellino).  Rhetorical question - how could it be 'right' to treat anyone that disrespectfully at a club you do not officially own or run?  Haigh caused a lot of similar discontent amongst fans - some of who are/were genuinely in the know - with his antics concernigh Farnan, Pearson and co with their bid which had been tabled months before but which Haigh refused to even consider.  We now know why he did it and if, as is very likely, Cellino bid much much more then that's understandable.  But none of this excuses the treatment of McDermott that week, and other employees who deserve better treatment.  I have never said McDermott doesn't deserve criticism for some of his decisions and the team's performances, but I do think he deserves a better chance in a healthier work environment.  Contractors or full time employees or whatever, every worker deserves better conditions to work in than McDermott had to contend with - I frequently said that too, and even about Warnock as well
Late Doors

We never signed up for all this shit did we all those years ago when the sight of heroes in white kicking a football around sent the adrenalin racing.

In the 80s off field activities were at least exciting and at least it was something fans owned and understood. Bringing the game into disrepute cried the puritanical but by Christ these present day off the field shenanigans take it way beyond disrepute boulevard. Seems to be ok now though that owners and  directors can bring ridicule, shame and disrepute to clubs where as paying customers get branded as scum for misbehaving a bit.

From Caspian through Bates GFH et all disrepute would be a state of nirvana. It is going to take something monumental to get us anywhere near where most of us want to be. I simply can not see anyone other than MC doing that. Course he wants examining, holding to account and scrutinising but what else can he do other than gut us and build again from the skeleton structure we have. That unfortunately on a humane level is not going to be pretty and some people are going to be hurt. Business men are twats, they have to be apparently to get the business done. Not my rules but I've been told many times that my naive little world needs to accept that.

If it was my club  nothing would be sacred. As far as i can see not one single profile person is bringing more than they are taking, not even Ross. Others can pontificate, speculate and critique MC's actions, a few of them are really good at it but ultimately he runs the club and im happy for him to make the decisions. I'm sorry if good people have been treated shabbily but that world these days. Good friends of mine have been losing their jobs in simular style in our industry for decades now. One day it will be me. Doesn't make it right but that's the way things are right now and getting worse with these bustards in government.  Everybody at the club has had their chance and if the new owner doesn't rate them he has the right to get rid. Id prefer it if he did it with some dignity and class but wont loose much sleep if he doesn't.

Hmm, a bit ranty but fuck it, im that way out this week, no offence to anyone. I'm off to enjoy some cricket and world cup this summer and not worry about those pillocks for a while. Forum Index -> Leeds
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