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Slovakia v England (or v Iceland pt2)

Jesus Christ. Another poor display.

A team full of gifted lightweight individuals (and Rooney)

'Well Wayne you play as you do at Man U mate just behind the front line'.
'Ermm Wayne did I catch you playing snap with our centre half'.

But the quality of the runs the little starlets did was breathtaking. Beat some average midfielder, come up against a defender and lo and behold it's gone out for a throw in or corner.

We have a team full of individually talented players but no back bone and worryingly no one to come in and provide that back bone. A result of modern English coaching I feel but where is the next Bryan Robson or Stuart Pearce or even Tony Adams coming from. They are the players that made English football maybe not world beaters but competitive. We now play half baked teams like Slovakia and rejoice in our success aka the 10/10 Euro Qualifiers and then what - we came up against a thing called hard competition and shat ourselves.

We need that hard backbone so that these players can be protected and helped. And as well as being hard players they also had a football brain. Let's draw a midfielder or defender out of position so that space is opened up for the likes of Gascoigne to capitalise. Doesn't happen like that now - yes these lads are super talented but they do their little bit and the drift our of the game for 10 minutes pleased with themselves.

Obviously I'm biased against anyone who plays for Man U. However. Rooney's last two performances have been so poor he'd struggle to make Telford United reserves.

He displays the co-ordination of a drunk running for a bus. I sometimes wonder how he manages to drive a car.

I would rather watch a decent club game than England. Forum Index -> All other football
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