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Frazier Cranium

Show Me The Monet

Shoddy title for a tv programme, imho, but I am only slightly embarrassed to admit that I watched the whole season, and not just because Chris Hollins presented and he's a Leeds fan

Anyone watch the prog?  It's just about Britain's Got Talent crossed with Dragons Den crossed with a load of arty bollocks.  It was annoying a lot of the time but nonetheless I really enjoyed it, seeing all manner of 'art' as produced by (nearly) normal people.  Some cracking stuff to view plus the 3 judges of the 'hanging' something were interesting.

And I admit it, it reignited thoughts that I should have gone to art school.

I watched a few of these, the one that stood out was the one the lovely lady painted of her daughter. Real talent. Forum Index -> Reg D'art
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