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Should they stay or should they go

Goalkeeper Paul Rachubka, defenders Paul Connolly, Leigh Bromby and Patrick Kisnorbo, and striker Davide Somma are the senior players being released.

No surprises there

Bromby is staying on as a coach of some sort.
Frazier Cranium

Hope Somma gets fit again and signs a new contract.  Possibly doubtful though, reports have it.
Late Doors

Real shame about Somma, hopes he rescues his game elsewhere.

A few of the kids have been released as well

Here are my suggestions Brian, just in case you have been tipped off that this is the place to come for informed opinion.


Pearce - I thought he was a decent player but he isn't. May have been mixing him up with the one that plays for Reading. Maybe Colin did as well.

Norris - been missing in action all season

Varney - more bookings than goals. Wouldn't put the fear of god into Radford Utd Res

Brown - slower than the barmaid at the social club but not as ugly.

White - heart is in the right place but not the brain

Peltier - never buy a player off Leicester


No nonsense centre half to provide on pitch tuition for young Lees and hopefully some sort of threat at set pieces

A decent dead ball striker.

Someone who can score goals. *

* very important, that one

Beckford back maybe? He can score (for us)

How about Neville from Everton!!! Ok we won't pay his wages I know.

We ain't going to get Scholes are we - but we need someone like him/ Any other good solid midfielder coming to the end of their career? No not Lampard!!!!
smiling badger

Really wouldnt want Beckford back, stroppy, so and so.
Know what i mean bruv?

smiling badger wrote:
Really wouldnt want Beckford back, stroppy, so and so.
Know what i mean bruv?

proven goal scorer at Leeds. And McDermott ain't no push over. Forum Index -> Leeds
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