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Sheffield Half-Marathon

Object lesson in how not to organise an event.

Water not scheduled to arrive until morning of event and suppliers never showed.

Organisers, rather than thinking on their feet (excuse pun) adhered slavishly to UKA rules and cancelled event.

5000 unhappy customers who won't get their 25 back and the image of the city tarnished.

Been involved on the fringes of Sports Event Management for a few years. Many people involved are well meaning but don't really have a clue.
Late Doors

Should have paid with order shouldnt they? The supplier reminded them but it must have fallen between a clutch of idiots withing the organisers ranks (see W1A thread)

reckon by now they should be blaming that Leeds for getting all the subsidies.

Took part in a similar but smaller scale event myself on Sunday. 2000 runners and 2 chemical toilets. Both of which were still on the back of a lorry.

Felt sorry for spectators trying to avoid looking at all the bare arses and willies as competitors relieved themselves in the bushes.

Organised by local Round Table and sponsored by a firm of solicitors called Wright Hassall.

Jeez you couldn't make this shit up. I feel for all those ready to go on the marathon only to find that out. Should've made national news. You should have at the very least got a refund. Forum Index -> Sports
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