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Sheff Wed

Rather wish i was going to this now. More needle than the average local derby as a result of the 'incursion' at Hillsborough. Their easily toppled goalie can expect a particularly warm welcome.

Hopefully, there will be a bit more effort from our overpaid underachievers, particularly those who got picked solely because they were Colin's mates.

1-0 to us if we can avoid a sending off.

Desperately need a win, don't think we will get it here.
Frazier Cranium

A draw would possibly be enough but yeah, I'll be upset if we don't get that win.
Late Doors

Well, did not expect that. Forgot what it feels like to enjoy a win. Seem to have lost the mojo for detailed reports for this season. The new manager's first impact decision was a brilliant one. Either Varney or Morrison could have been taken off such was their impact but to remove Morrison who seems to be suffering confidence crisis and put Varney in the middle was genius. Then to glue it all together with Diouf behind completely changed the game and got us the points.
smiling badger

Listened to this on the radio and sounded quite a good game. Sounds like we missed complete sitters during the course of the game. Morrison??
Is it a 'confidence crisis' as LD puts it or doesnt give a fook? Or would rather be playing at the club that we feed our best players to?
Points in the bag and not so much of a worry about relagation and the likes.

LD, find your mojo for next season please!

sheeps wrote:
Desperately need a win, don't think we will get it here.

To confirm, I know nothing.
Late Doors

I will Badger. I was fully expecting a bit of a pasting yesterday, almost resigned to it so kept pencil and paper in pocket.

First half we had some decent possession but almost zero impact in the box. Morrison looked awful, all over the place. He had two good decent chances in quick succession. One bounced off his shim and the other he took a split second too long and was robbed of the ball.
Young Sam was caught out of position a few times. Any other full back would have been slated. Green was giving the ball away too often especially when we were under pressure. It was like at Charlton, we had a great period of pressure to get us back into the game then the second but immediately we went on the back foot again when nerves and panic stations set in. Diouf was immense though, at his best there in that central role calming, organising and playing good safe unspectacular balls.

Oh and when did Wednesday fans suddenly turn into knobs who think they are Milwall or Brum? I always thought they were alright but suddenly when it's all safe they're just another bunch of we all hate Leeds scum tossers. Think they need reminding of a few '80s encounters
Frazier Cranium

Enjoyed it and actually predicted a 2-1 win, honest, mainly because of the arrival of a new manager.

Morison is a strange one, he looks scared to touch the ball.  I think we deserved the win but it was close by the end.  I hope the new manager can work out (and rectify) ther Leeds team making average teams suddenly look ultra threatening in attack.

Ironic too that against the tallest back 4 ever known to man, we score with two headers.

24 hours in the job I know. Did anyone who went notice any change of strategy.
Frazier Cranium

Difficult to say really H as Stephen Warnock played central defence so there wasn't much B McD could do with formation and tactics.  He did though bring on subs quite early and they definitely did have an influence, Diouf especially.  All the players worked hard though, and someone said that the new boss gave McCormack a big hug especially at the end, as if trying to make him feel wanted again  He did v well for the winning goal actually.  It was a typically full blooded derby match I thought, and now the relief of probably staying up might enable them to play more attractively agaiinst Burnley on Tuesday night. Forum Index -> Leeds
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