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Seabiscuit: Three Men and a Racehorse

By Laura Hillenbrand.

Donít seem to have much time for writing lengthy reviews recently so Iím doing newer more streamlined (and some would quip less boring) reviews of books Iíve read. Starting with this one:

This is a great book about Americaís most famous racehorse Seabiscuit. A thoroughly researched and very well written book not just about the history of American racing but about the whole era of 1930ís America. Absorbing and captures the real thrill of a race when the best are racing against the best. Some of Laura Hillenbrandís furlong by furlong race reports put the reader right in the saddle of some of the great thoroughbreds of that period. She also details the lifelong bond that Seabiscuit galvanised between the horseís owner, itís jockey, and itís trainer. Each of The Biscuitsí races generated radio (no telly then) audiences of approx 20 million and grandstands at racecourses groaned under the weight of capacity crowds. Probably the most famous racehorse of all time and this account is a fine testimonial to that fact. A wonderful book.

Late Doors

Sounds good, its ace reading a great book about something you love. Nice piccy as well.

You can't beat a book about horse. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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