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Sea Of Bees

Spending a bit of time going through the Heavenly Records back catalog. There's some fantastic stuff to be had. In this era of MP3s I confess to paying little attention to actual labels rather just getting into more music. I respect other people's love of the artifact but I like the stand aloneness of the download. No cover to seduce you, no need to collect a label's every release. Anyhow, apologies if you have already heard her (did a quick search, couldn't find anything) but I'm rather taken by this

Sea of Bess Broke
Late Doors

She (they ?) were supporting John Grant a couple of years back so i bought the album Song For Ravens on the strength of it. Missed them at the gig but love the album. That track is typical, like it.

Must admit its rare i notice a lable or sleeve notes these days as well. More to do with my slackness than technology though.

That John Grant, he's a new one on me too. Me and the eldest were watching Greatest Mother Fucker the other night and I thought it was great. It's already getting on my tits. He has a good voice but, I don't know, just not doing it for me.

I'm so impressed with Sea Of Bees I might put that album on my Christmas list. Thanks.
Late Doors

give the queen of denmark stuff a try. I like it a lot better than the pale green (with greatest motherfucker on). it did eventually grow on me though

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