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Sansa Stark

Out of Game of Thrones. I don't watch it but apparently it's very popular with young people. Probably the same ones who like Lord of The Rings.

At Wagamama's in Leamington (not sure if you have them up N but they're a cheap night out particularly when there's a Wetherspoon's over the road).

Her real name is Sophie Turner. She knows D1 so she came up and said hello. About 6ft tall, a bit ginger and looks like she's constructed from pipe cleaners.

Posh as well.

Come on - it's better than a  glimpse of a footballer in Sainsbury's car park.

10/10 if there's a picture of the lovely Sophie

She's no Matt Damon, but it sounds like she's taller.

And gingerer.

7-6 middle of the ninth. Forum Index -> Sink or Swim
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