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Late Doors

Sands House, Crosland Moor, Huddersfield.

Bit of a Huddersfield institution this place. Consistently good pub food, good drinking spot, brilliant location and  great staff. All ended rather abruptly a few month ago amidst tales of skullduggery and irregularities when the manager did a flit.

Now up and running again under the ownership of a team who have snapped up a few other local pub eateries. It's easy walking distance for us so is a bit if a local for tea and a jar.

I pass the place regularly and my heart sank when i saw the Pizzas pasta and burgers sign going up while they were refurbing it so I've been reluctant to give it a try until the other night.

They spruced it up a little getting rid of all the clock paraphernalia (Sands House y'see, get it?) it needed it, because it was much loved and had a reputation it got by on that  but it looks a tad more contemporary now albeit in a faux Anglo rural continental way

I was a bit worried they were not going to welcome the casual drinker but the usual cluster of white van men were sat at the bar still having a steady pint and chat which was reassuring. Staff were fine, friendly and smiley and the ale still good if my Taylors golden Best was anything to go on. House red got the thumbs up as well.

Menus have replaced the old chalkboard and indeed pizza pasta and burgers were dominant along with a two for 12.99 deal on them. There were a few traditional mains not part of the deal but none of the diversity and interesting choices of the previous regime.

As it happens we fancied a pizza and burger so 15 minutes later out they came. The pizza was thin and tasty but not the authentic pizza i was forlornly hoping for. More like a high end supermarket type. The burger was homemade, juicy and satisfying but the chips were McCain thin oven type overly pre salted that we told them we would ask not to be next time.

There will be a next time as it's just too convenient to ignore. Maybe try something else on the menu. It's still a decent place but alas no more the Sands House of yore. Forum Index -> Plankton and Water
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