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San Carlo, South Parade, Leeds

New Italian opened in October, part of a chain with other branches in Manchester, Liverpool and Nottingham.

Very, classical old school Italian. I know the maitre d from the Flying Pizza as well as Rocco the waiter (at the FP since 1975) which made it all a bit surreal. He greeted me like a long-lost brother and asked me what I thought to his new surroundings. Opulent in a kitschy way but not with the false gleam of the awful Bibis.

The food is spot on with all the Italian staples. In the end the bill was a bit obscene but only because I went OTT on the shellfish. Mrs B's rack of lamb was gorgeously pink and the starter of mussels was just amazing. Only downside was a knuckle-head on a mobile phone at the next table but even his neanderthal taste buds were kick-started as he finally shut up and filled his huge gob with chunks of Calzone.

Worth a visit if you're in town


Sounds a good find. Mobile phones in restaurants should be silent or off. If you have to take a call, leave the dining room. I call it manners.

Jay Rayner has reviewed it in the Observer.

There's just a certain TYPE of person that when teamed with a mobile phone in a public place leads to only one outcome. Forum Index -> Plankton and Water
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