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Rotherham H

The BBC web site described it as a 'game of few chances'. FFS! If there was a Pulitzer prize for understatement that would win it hands down

I don't think there was a player on either side who warranted more than 5/10

Goalies required to do nothing other than hoof the ball aimlessly upfield,

If this is the shape of things to come, the future is turd-shaped.
smiling badger

Yep, made the trip up North with my girlfriend and my sprogs. My 8 year old daughters first (and prolly last) visit to ER. My 17 year old son still at the stage in his life where just the thought of going to watch his beloved team is just the best feeling. It will wain later in life when he reaches his forties..
Certainly not the game to encourage an 8 year old or myself a 45 year old to make the effort to do over 400 miles on a Saturday. Does make me wonder how loyal or daft you must be to do this trip every other week from Essex as quite a few do. As for mid week evening games..
Would have been nice to have seen an exciting end to end game but last game of the season with little to play for then i guess i shouldnt have expected little else.
Late Doors

Two major things are going to happen this summer that will define a massive part of live forever I think. One is the election the other is what that mad bastard Cellino does. Saturdays game underlined a horrible season where the best we hoped for happened a good few weeks ago i.e. avoided relegation.

Tell you what though, the so called unequivocal massive support for Redders and the anti Cellino reports are a tad exaggerated. I'd have it as a 85% backing of Redders where he is no doubt loved by all and rightly so but there is an element of doubt about his longer term viability as a coach/manager. As for anti MC chants id have them at 10%.

Summed up the season really. Only lame finishing by Roveram and our usual impotency in front of goal kept it goalless. That formation with Morrison up front and a busy midfield is what kept us up but if Morrison doesn't get the midfielders coming through  it's futile as it was on Saturday. He doesn't help his cause though with some woeful dithering attempted finishing.
Frazier Cranium

I honestly believe that the majority of Redfearn's supporters want him here WITH an assitant coach by his side.  We need stability at the club, it's simple, essential, imho - and we have a sense of that while NR is in charge.  But for progress, we need him to have a trusted assistant, like Thompson... the team was progressing nicely under them both.

Apathy is the issue re Cellino and any other dubious owner, apathy is the biggest member of the Leeds support.  Depends how you see 'apathy', I was 'criticized' for venting my spleen against Bat4s while still attending the matches (albeit a season ticket). It didn't bother me because hitting him in the pocket, supposedly, wasn't the real aim for me.  

i don't know what more proof anyone needs to see that Cellino and his leech cronies are not benefiting the club at all.  It's been lie after lie, spin after spin, insult to intelligence ad nauseum, but what the hell, I'm not intending faling out with folk over it when they're good people
smiling badger

I saw at first hand on Saturday one of Morrisons attempts at trying to score. The ball was crossed over to him to just make some kind of simple contact with his head. Looked almost like he pulled his head back as so the ball didnt hit his head and mess up his hair.
I dont really watch enough to really be able to criticise players. But from what i saw on Sat in an ideal world (we had money to spend) i'd get shot of most apart from the youth we have coming through.
And why is so much fuss made about Austin when ever he gets hold of the ball? Am i missing something?
Frazier Cranium

If you don't watch many games then it isn't really fair to judge by Saturday's dirge

Austin is not a world beater but he is a good player to have in the team, compared to what else we have available.  Funnily enough I had a brief chat wirth him on Saturday night.  He's erratic but does plenty of good for the team imho.
smiling badger

He seems to like to try and kick the ball hard, really hard at any given chance from what i saw.
And lots of trying to dribble when he should simply pass the ball.
He did seem like one of the only players on the pitch playing with a bit of passion. Maybe because it could be his last game. Who knows with the mad fucker who employs him hey.
Frazier Cranium

He won the Goal of the Season award at the LU end of season awards on Saturday night.  He mentioned that he just knew that one day one of his shots would be on target

He does play with passion, and I think he's probably the quickest midfielder we have too.  He has moments of pretty damned good, many of average-ness and too many of poor.  Definitely keep him unless we get someone proven, better.

BTW I also told him that I've scored loads of better goals  Good bloke, I'm not star struck - well he ain't really a star for one thing - he just seemed a decent fella.

Heard a rumour that Redders was after one of their midfielders - Pringle. Well his passing was crisp anyway. Forum Index -> Leeds
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