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Rodley - Shipley/ Leeds Liverpool canal

Did the firsst stage from Leeds to Rodley last weekend (4 miles, see 'Abbey Inn' Thread on Plankton), and then me and the good lady did Rodley to Shipley on Saturday, 8 miles, beautiful walk, all country as oppossed to the first stage getting out of the city. No real climbs, just a great walk. Loads of ducks, cows, horses. Ace!

The only mistake was finishing at Shipley, fucking hole that it is. Had one pint of Black Sheep in the 'Shipley Pride' Not bad but wouldn't recommend it, then got train (2.40) back to Leeds, and straight into T'Scarbourgh for some food and pop. A good day had!  

Ahh how sweet, reminds me of a song.


Ha Ha, good one B! Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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