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Rock n' Roll America BBC4

Watched the first part of three which was called: Sweet Little Sixteen. There are many docu's about Sun Studios etc and a lot of the history gets repeated but I found this to be a refreshing new take with some interesting interviewees taking about the fifties, and for me any footage of people like Chuck Berry and Little Richard is a classy proposition. My Little Richard 'Best of' has been playing since watching it. So if anybody is driving up Scothall Road this weekend and you hear some antisocial bastard blasting 'Lucille' and spoiling everybody else's Sunday that'll be er, me n' that.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood


Belated match report.

Excellent mini series with some great interviews. Particularly Jerry Lee Lewis whose still as mad as a wet hen.

First programme focused mainly on Elvis. In my youth I sneered at his music as there was far more exciting stuff around. But looking back, Heartbreak Hotel, All Shook Up and Jailhouse Rock were more revolutionary than punk. I'd always thought of Elvis as a puppet manipulated by Col. Tom Parker, but his own input into his music and stage performances were considerable. The moral majority hated him.

Second programme was more about the impact the growth of rock and roll had on American culture. Christ they were paranoid. If it wasn't communists, it was aliens or blacks and then rock 'n' roll came along!

Third programme was how Rock 'n' 'Roll' was effectively neutered by the music biz. It was almost dead but then the Beatles came along!

Also watched Chuck Berry performing live immediately after the second show.. In 1972. It was pretty terrible imo. Pure showbiz. He couldn't remember the names of his band and did an extended version of 'My Ding a Ling'. Not just the worst song he ever recorded, but a contender for the worst song anyone ever recorded. It's a shame that it's what many people remember him for.
Now in 1958 - he was on fire!
Late Doors

I caught the Chuck Berry thing and it was brill. That Ding a ling song is pretty naughty for the times. I remember buying it in the "shit box" at john Menzies. Ace B Side i remember, reeling and rocking, fair got me into blues and RnR.

Did i ever tell you about the time we saw Chuck Berry in Portland Orgegon Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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