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Late Doors

Rival Sons, Academy.

Probably wouldn't have gone to this  at this venue if wasn't a Saturday non match day. Three of us decided on a good day out with plenty of pre gig attitude adjuster for this blues rock derivative band in the tradition of Black Crowes, Whitesnake and that kind of thing.

Started off in the ace Kings Head in the Huddersfield station. This spit n sawdust place is undergoing refurbishment and what a gem it is going to be as all the Georgian period features are opened up. Meanwhile it is still the great alehouse it always was.

The train over and half hour later we were in Tapped perched on the corner of the bar. The place was lively and despite the pricey beer is really establishing itself as a quality venue. Next up the Duck n Drake that needs no explanation here I'm sure. Then into Reds for the finest ribs I've had anywhere before the walk up to the gig.

Saturday night is early night at the Academy and at eight o'clock on they came. We had to split up to get nearer the front.

Well they certainly divided opinion. Half hour later i had a text from the other two who had retreated to Foleys such was their disappointment. I thought they were ok. Ace bluesy vocals and a good tight rhythm if the guitars were a little corny. To me they were  what i was expecting, good time Saturday night elevated pub rock. Twenty minutes in and they slowed things down clearing the stage for a seated camp fire blues session that saw off the other two but kept me interested. I see their point though.

There has clearly been a decade or more of musical scholarships in the states where young mainly affluent white kids have studied the art of rock music. Three or four years learning , performing and perfecting their set in chosen genres. Often they go on to become their own unique voice and actually enhance the genres they interpret. All that learning plus their love of the music and contemporary personalities improve it like so much Americana and alt country these days. I'm afraid these kids don't. That's not to say they aren't good and i still will enjoy the album but the gig was by numbers. Efficient, technically adept numbers but fundamentally lacking the guts and soul of the best of this blues rock genre. I'm thinking of a great gig recently by Temperance Movement of a contemporary example.

By the time of the drum solo ( i kid you not) i was contemplating Foleys myself. The set then petered out for me in a cliché ridden plod rock fists pumping the air racket complete with guitar solo that would have a bucket of water thrown at you in a guitar shop. I joined my comrades in the pub before the predictably orchestrated encore.

17 quid, a great day out and above acceptable for me but nowhere near for the other two. Maybe it was the company. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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