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Jones the Steamed

RIP Crusaders, RIP Wrexham FC

Things looking really dire since Wrexham Village (Owners of Crusaders, Wrexham Fc and The Racecourse) decided not to apply for a Super League Licence for the Cuckoos.

The consequences of not apllying for the licence asks the question of how the RFL will be paid off the money that Cru loaned from them using The Racecourse as sureity.  No more revenue from attendances at Cae Ras and no money from Sky can only result in the RFL forcing a sale of the Racecourse to retrieve the monies loaned to WV, can't blame the RFL but the thieving twats who brokered the deal are beyond contempt.

As for the football club, looks like we may not even start the upcoming season due to the reluctance of Wrexham Village, they wont finance the club anymore, won't sell it to the WST but are quite happy to progress with the development of land once owned by WFC to line their mucky paws a few years down the line.

Bleak is too optomistic a word to describe our likely future as I see it.

That absolutely stinks Jones
Frazier Cranium

bearing wrote:
That absolutely stinks Jones

You warned of something like this all along, J, I seem to recall.  Sympathies mate, it stinks as said already.
Jones the Steamed

Geoff Moss could be playing his brinkmanship card forcing a preferential deal and capitulating in the last seconds or his threats to kill our club are real.

Dismal Jimmy is a non aligned group of Wrexham fans who have peacefully protested and been accredited with saving our club in the past, I'm pretty sure that the founding father of Jimmism has even posted here in the past.

WFC is on life support, there is some life still left, that's why I'm answering Jimmies call to Cheshire.

Since our statement earlier this week the asset strippers have issued 2 statements, neither of which address the central issue.

The asset strippers appear to be distancing themselves from any responsibility for the clubs situation and appear to be happy to let the club go under, Crusaders style, next week.

We note with some disgust that they appear to be laying blame at the door of the Wrexham fans.

No doubt they are trying to rustle up funding from third parties in order to pay their bills but frankly we are not interested.

The debt is theirs and we expect them to pay it.

As it stands, and following their greedy logic,the club will die next week.This is not something that we can allow to happen.

Jimmy will be visiting Moss's multi million pound estate on sunday morning in order to impress on him the importance of meeting his obligations.

Jimmys reputation as a force for moderation and public good is well known.We understand that many of you wish to make the trip with us.

We are happy to have your company and we can tell you that we will be liasing with the police in order to ensure that the visit goes off peacefully, and safely, in the best traditions of Wrexham supporters.

We dont want any nutters or dickheads dragging our name through the mud and we expect you to pick up your litter before we leave.

The details of the visit will be posted after our people have made a thorough site visit and also in consultation with the police.

You will be pleased to hear that Geoffs crib lies in the beautiful county of Cheshire and that the cost of policing the event will fall on our wealthy neighbours.

We welcome any suggestions that we can adopt to emphasise the message that we will be delivering.

Mr Moss has had many chances to do the right thing.

It is outrageous that he and his no-necked mullet headed mate are standing in front of us with their pockets turned out and pleading poverty. All the while their wretched development encircles our stadium.

We are not having any of it.

Further updates will follow.
@jamesdismal is now on Twitter.  

Best of luck Jonesy, it seems that for every Abramovitch there is a dodgy bastard creaming clubs.

From the BBC today.

Looking at it from a pure RFL viewpoint I first wondered WTF the RFL (sorry when i say RFL I actually mean Sky) were doing but of course that's easily answered - expanding the sport to get a wider tv audience. That's obvious.

But RL is littered with failures when it broadens its horizens ever since 1876 or whenever it was that it started out in that pub in Huddersfield. London is border line fail, France is in the balance, Gateshead went tits up. And even a team who tasted success in the late 90's - Sheffield who one the challenge cup under John Kear- couldn't sustain it.

Difficult one to get right this given that RL is endebted to Sky's millions to be in the position it is today (which is really half a dozen elite clubs and the rest).

Personally I'd put the effort into getting a decent Cumbrian side sorted and get the sleeping giants such as Halifax and Hunslet and the like back up with the elite.
Jones the Steamed

The ground's been sold to Glyndwr University.

Our fans raised in excess of 100,000 in a morning to ensure that we could satisfy the demands of the Conferences demand that a 250,000 bond was paid to them so that we could start the season.

Our current owners generously stumped up 150,000 following the sale of the ground for a reputed fee of 1.9 Million GBP and left us in limbo, fans went as far as offering the deeds to their house and savings for their wedding.  Crazy stuff but an indication of what a shit football team still means to the community.

On a high tonight.

Top of the league, 2 away wins and a draw in the opener at home.  The results are a massive fillip 'cos 2 weeks ago didn't think we'd even have a team to support.

C'mon the town.

Fucking hell, people are ace at times aint they?

Toot toot!
Jones the Steamed

Top of the league, best start to a season in 60 years but we're playing non league football so not as difficult as it was 60 years ago in proper football terms.  Having said that we are playing that well that I'm not watch watching wishing the game to end.

Thought Fleetwood last Saturday wre going to be a good test as they've spent approx 1 Million GBP in close season and were installed as 2nd favourites to win this godforsaken league.  Outplayed them and deservedly won by 2 goals.

Lee Fowler in the middle is a gem, controls and distributes the ball with aplomb, Jake Speight (ex Bradford) is a speedy handful, we've actually got a set of players that play football as a team.

Kidderminster tomorrow, they were the best team apart from Crawley that graced the Racecourse last season so another good test, early days and a totally unexpected start to the campaign.  Hope the trust can finalise the buy out in the next week or so.

Football's ace sometimes.
Frazier Cranium

Hope it continues    
Late Doors

Football is certainly ace sometimes and it would be acer if a proper club like Wrexham were in the right hands and right place.  have I ever told you my old mate used to play for them? Graham Cooper

Good 2-0 win, certainly a great start, long may it continue...
Jones the Steamed

bearing wrote:
Good 2-0 win, certainly a great start, long may it continue...

It is now our best start to a season in 109 years.

Assured performance, sat back and stopped playing for the last 30 minutes allowing Kiddie in to the game but we were well worth the win.

The giddy heights are making me dizzy, I like being dizzy. Forum Index -> All other football
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