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Ridsdale - You couldn't make it up - Craggs, cool it

Craggs - Calm down  
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

he is a so called Leeds fan who has a house in Lancashire

he would walk to lands end just to be in charge of a football club

I Pity Plymouth.

According to the Guardian he has a two year business plan for the club that 'will be the envy of our competitors'.
Late Doors

Donít know anything about the deal but presumably the administrators thought he was the best option for the club. You donít want any club to go to the dogs, well maybe Middlesbro, and Leicester wouldnít be missed, so at least the green army still have a club, for now.

still after that knighthood then Pete

He's consistent.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

sacked Peter Reid this week who apparently auctioned his FA Cup winners medal to help pay the wages

The man is poison,

makes a nonsense of the 'fit and proper' rule Forum Index -> All other football
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