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Rick Parfitt - Dead

Rick Parfitt - Status Quo guitarist - has died age 68 from an infection.

RIP Rick - Rock In Peace
Frazier Cranium

Liked him a lot, could never dislike Quo even if I'd wanted to, they were much better than given credit for, and Parfitt seemed a proper decent bloke.  He waved at me once, true story

Agree with Codge, never a fan but didn't hate SQ. RP played on (IMHO) one of the greatest pop songs ever made: Pictures of Matchstick Men, so if that was all he ever did then he deserves a mention. I personally wouldn't have watched Quo if they were playing at the bottom of my garden but a lot of people got a lot of pleasure from their gigs and music so a life lived fully Mr Parfitt! R.I.P.

* Grows memorial mullet. *

RIP Rick

Done a minutes air guitar

There was no pretension about what he did. He inspired generations of would be guitarists by writing riffs that were so simple anyone with an opposable thumb could master them.

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