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Late Doors

Richmond Fontaine.

Farewell Tour so ill probably never get another chance to see them. Always a pleasure going to Hebden Bridge especially the ace trades club and again it was our duty to support a couple of the local businesses bouncing back from the floods. This we did especially manfully in Callans Micro pub bar. Great ale but shuts at Nine during the week which was just as well as the band hit the stage at about quarter past.

Fantastic Portland Oregon band that have been around a hell of a lot longer than I have been aware of them. 'twas about 2005 with the ace album Post to Wire I got them and also subsequently bought the more acoustic  Winnemucca and then the utterly stupefying Fitzgerald album, probably one of the saddest Albums I have yet wonderful in the right frame of mind.

latest and last album You Canít Go Back If Thereís Nothing To Go Back To also sounds great but is still on the list as yet.

Trad four piece band who have the collective synergy of four good mates loving what they do. Lead singer Willy gets the attention with his Bonhomie and instantly likeable stage charm the total antithesis to his often heartbreaking lyrics but the rest of the band seem happy with that. Together they filled the Room full of adoring fans with pulled from the heart Americana that rolled rocked and evoked the good people of Pennine England like all great American Roots music does.

Post To Wire

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