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Late Doors

Rich Hall, City Varieties

Love seeing this fella. Some comedians get a tad stretched with over exposure. Their act becomes lazy, cheap and predictable. Rich Hall treads a steady but rich comedy furrow. Never one to plead attention by trying to dominate shows or court publicity he comes across as a genuinely interesting normal bloke with the added bonus of being very funny and very likeable.

Had an overpriced pint in the overrated tapped bar on boar lane and a decent burger in giraffe in the trinity center before sauntering up to the splendid city varieties.

No support, not even from one of his alter ego like Otis just two sets of stand up and occasional guitar accompanied song. The most memorable being an ode to his scouse in laws and a savage deconstruction of bob Dylan live these days. Brutal but very very funny.

He mentioned the aweful tragedy at Corpus without detracting from the seriousness and impact of it and moved on without cheaply capitalising on it. Hes the kind of comedian who involves the audience without picking on them or humiliating them making up personalised songs from the info he learns about them. A certain amount of commonality when he's touring the nation talking to James from Accounts all over the place but still witty and largely spontaneous . As ever with comedians I cant remember 90% of it bit I do remember chuckling, laughing and guffawing my way through the entire 90 minutes
Frazier Cranium

I think he's bloody ace, and it was via here or omj that I was first told about him I think.

Consistently funny.

I have one of his Otis Lee Crenshaw albums and it still makes me laugh even though i have listened to it many times.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

thank God we got him and the Americans kept Louis CK Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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